Simply Shocking! You will not believe what this blog post is about next. Ten minutes later = gobsmacked!

So.. anybody else sick of these types of sensational blog post titles, that are only there to lure you in, but the subsequent posts has no actual real content of any interest? It makes me feel like I have been seriously ripped off personally, but the content provider only cares about the “bums on seats”¬†analytics and how many views their clients ads have gotten. Then after being sorely disappointed, you find some irresistible post titles at the end of the article and feel compelled to click again only to be fucked over yet again, and are still providing valuable traffic to the object of your now fury. It’s the blogging/articles version of spam, and should be consciously ignored so that it can eventually die a death, but that’s not too likely to happen with idiots like me clicking links like “What this elephant did next was incredible when a spectator spontaneously started to play a violin…” OoOoh what happened?!? What’s going to happen next? PLEASE?!? When will I ever get a life.

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