Wer (2013)

Wer Overview Just watched Wer there. I was not expecting much from this, but Wer turned out to be pretty watchable. Wer is a modern werewolf movie, with the usual modern minor twists on what a werewolf is, no silver bullets though. It started off looking like it was going to be yet another mockumentary,…

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Cheap Thrills (2013)

Cheap Thrills (2013), wow that was some intense shit! Strange to see David Koechner (AKA “Whammy!” sportscaster guy from Anchorman) in a darker movie. I am guessing the premise of this movie may have been inspired as much by Bum Fights as the reality shows that are hinted at in the film. Pretty well done…

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The Postman (1997).

Strange that I had never heard of this movie at the time, as post-apocalypse is one of the genres I like to watch everything of, no matter how shit. I guess it was eclipsed by Waterworld two years previously. Directed and starring Kevin Kostner, what an egotist. I thought it was good, but too many…

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Films I Have Written About to Date

This used to be a page on my blogger.com blog. I may separate it out into individual posts if I get really bored some time. A list of films i’ve watched starting …NOW, for posterity: Predators (2010, Predator 3) – good. a lotta hints in honour of predator 1 (1987?). Silent Running (1971) low budget,…

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Skyline (2010)

Great space monster b-movie, with plenty of action and other eyecandy. This is the sort of shit they wish they could’ve made in the 1950s.