is now using SSL Cert – Howto Set Up SSL For Free

This site is now using SSL. Pfft! About time, says you. I am using a free cert from – it was all very confusing and magical to set up. You need to use a ACME client – I used as you do not need root access with this one. Then SSH into your…

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I have left Hostgator :-(

They were a pretty good and cheap hosting provider in the beginning. Lots of tools set up and ready to go like ssh, git, and wp-cli. But I am just too poor, and can not keep up with their rising charges. They offered me 20% off on my next bill if I stayed, but it…

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Dodgy Website Visitors

I am seeing an unusually large number of hits on two of my websites from Russian Federation & the Ukraine this month. One specific IP in the Ukraine hit site over 1,200 times in one day, some lad called Igor. I CAN SEE YOU! There’s nothing for you here anyway, and nothing of interest…

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Show Edward Snowden Some Support

Insert “Ros’ Rants readers” instead of “FaceBookers”, and more like 100% of readers as I do not have any.

Hypnosis for Beginners

I wrote a tiny website many moons ago and never got back to it at Mainly I was hacking away the ugly ads that are injected into the free website’s page, but there was one gem of info, and I think it belongs here so that I will maintain it. The following is copypasta…

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Do Not Read This Post ;-)

*** NOTE TO SELF *** BUGS! Comments Are Messed Up! I just noticed the comment system needs an overhaul. Does not seem to be working properly. If you are logged in you need to log out before you can add comments (by logging in again). Undo everything and start again. Mobile menu is non-functioning also.…

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