No More Potty Mouth – I will try my best

I have not been posting here much lately. I guess I am busy! The last few posts seem to be rants on the negative side of things. I hope to decrease my offensive words per post from now on. Thanks for listening and fuck you.

Fuck Windows 10 – What a Piece of Shit.

So I was quite proud that I had never had to reinstall Windows since my first Windows XP laptop way back when. Many peers would talk of “refreshing” their PCs – LOSERS! Just look after your PC and it will not get wrecked! You fools!!! I have always said. I had a hairy moment back…

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Hello Firefox 57 (Quantum) !!! … well this is bullshit.

Not one add-on working. Fucking pathetic Mozilla. These guys really are hopeless. As an add-on developer I have suffered first hand at their underhanded, ill-thought tactics. There is a superior attitude among Mozilla developers, that everybody else must change to suit them. Just look at the history of support on Firefox for Android. I…

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Virgin Media Speed Test.

It seems like a heck of a long time since I have had a proper wired Internet connection. Here’s a CAT 5e connection straight through two floor/ceilings and a wall to the UPC router Virgin Media Hub. Things are on the upswing again :-)

When are leap card peak fares?

This information was surprisingly hard to find on my phone, and had to be found by reading a legislative proposal from 2015. Peak hours are 07:45 to 09:30 Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. No thanks necessary.

New “Projects” Site is Active:

My new “projects” website is up at Currently it is dedicated to a Javascript WebGL project I am working on, but even the site itself is a “project”. The site is built using yeoman, which is a fantastic node-based platform for web development. Sites are served locally, and when you save files the browser…

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