I’m back with UPC!

O joy of joys! In the last 10.5 months I’ve had to suffer with a data connection ranging from 40k thru my nokia phone with bad drivers, to ADSL on a 2Mb connection that at best connected at 1800kbps and was completely intermittant.But finally I’m back with UPC!!! check it: Prepare urself UPC, acceptable usage…

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3D Cinema

I saw Martin Scorcese’s Hugo in 3D in the cinema last night. Everytime I go to the cinema in the last while I’m dissapointed by the small screens, often lack of surround sound, and appalling shutter speeds. The 3D was good, and the movie was not too gimmicky about it, but did use it. BUT!…

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Meteor mobile broadband.

hooked my laptop up to my phone with a usb cable. so i now have internet at home, wahey! here are my stats from speedtest.net, bathe in their glory ;-) Hot shit no? My emails are blazing down in mere minutes!

700GB of data gone :-(

The hard drive in my Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive (hmnhd) has died with the loss of 700GB of data. This is extra annoying as i was in the middle of collecting data from all of my machines into the one place (the dead drive) with the idea that i’d then make a backup…

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New World Order -OK Maybe?

i’m beginning to think the unthinkable. that maybe we need a single world government to regain control of the world economy. individual state governments have lost/are losing control like they used to have before the globalisation of businesses. raising and lowering interest rates at a national level have a much subtler affect than they used…

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US Drones “Hacked” By Iraqi Insuregents

http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/dec/17/skygrabber-american-drones-hacked Pretty amazing what the US military counts as “hacking”. OK I think a lot of people know that what the media calls hacking is actually “cracking” -circumventing security systems. The US military it would seem have another view entirely. A method one could use to “hack” the military drones is to tune in a…

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