3D Cinema

I saw Martin Scorcese’s Hugo in 3D in the cinema last night. Everytime I go to the cinema in the last while I’m dissapointed by the small screens, often lack of surround sound, and appalling shutter speeds. The 3D was good, and the movie was not too gimmicky about it, but did use it. BUT! I could not help thinking: yeah that ball looks great coming out of the screen, but why am I seeing eight of them when it moves? It really seems like they’re slapping 21st century technology onto 1970s tech, and I guess that’s what they are doing, but really they need to update these projectors properly if they want the cinema industry to survive. I think a lot of people have large flat screens and possibly 5.1 surround at home these days. Surely they should increase the framerate and screen size by updating old tech or moving over to digital projectors? And for the love of jaysis turn on the feckin surround sound if you’ve got the equipment!

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  1. ok, so it looks like Odeon have been reading my blog ;-) just saw prometheus in their newly built cineplex in dublin, sporting high frame rates and hi-res on their new digital projectors!<br /><br />from their site:<br />&quot;The beauty of ODEON Digital 8000 HD comes not only from the immense leap in picture and audio quality, sharpness, depth and realism, but also in the capacity and range of

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