700GB of data gone :-(

The hard drive in my Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive (hmnhd) has died with the loss of 700GB of data. This is extra annoying as i was in the middle of collecting data from all of my machines into the one place (the dead drive) with the idea that i’d then make a backup of that. Suffice is to say i’m gutted. This is the first hard drive that has completely gone on me with catastrophic data loss. FML.

6 thoughts on “700GB of data gone :-(

  1. Logic board, maybe? You&#39;re unlikely the first one it&#39;s happened to, so find out what others did.<br /><br />And I assume you&#39;ve connected it directly to a desktop.<br /><br />Otherwise it&#39;s worth the €700 or whatever for it back.

  2. percussive maintenance, eh? :)<br /><br />speaking of seagate – my firewire port became loose and fell into the HD after 2 weeks. it was doing nay but sitting on my desk at the time.

  3. haha, yea percussive maintenance is a great term isn&#39;t it?<br /><br />yea, that drive was supposed to be energy efficient n all this hype, the reason it broke was because of the ridiculously flimsy floating liquid bearing -which is some great tree saving device, just don&#39;t drop your hat on it! in addition it was the noisiest drive i&#39;ve ever owned, AND it never spun down! energy

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