New World Order -OK Maybe?

i’m beginning to think the unthinkable. that maybe we need a single world government to regain control of the world economy. individual state governments have lost/are losing control like they used to have before the globalisation of businesses. raising and lowering interest rates at a national level have a much subtler affect than they used to. multinationals (stockholders) are basically unanswerable forces that cannot be controlled by single nations alone (lets disregard BPs seeming demise due to the US), which makes it near impossible to implement measures to inhibit the boom and bust cycles. this is clearly just applying an old solution to a new problem, but what else is happening? at least there are nasty groups out there that are considering this option as opposed to??? mind you i have absolutely no idea what i’m talking about.

tl;dr i have no idea what i’m talking about ;-)

*(tl;dr == too long, didn’t read)