is now using SSL Cert – Howto Set Up SSL For Free

This site is now using SSL. Pfft! About time, says you.

I am using a free cert from – it was all very confusing and magical to set up.

  • You need to use a ACME client – I used as you do not need root access with this one.
  • Then SSH into your hosting server and run a couple of commands
  • wget -O - | sh
  • --issue -d -d -w /home/path/to/
  • Lots of stuff is outputted to screen – pay attention the the last few lines about paths to cert / cert key / fullchain certs
  • Then use that info in: --install-cert -d -d \
    --cert-file /path/to/this/file \
    --key-file /path/to/this/file \
    --fullchain-file /path/to/this/file \
    --reloadcmd "service apache2 force-reload"

That’s it! Start using HTTPS    ….well not really I had to configure WordPress >> Settings >> General and change the 2 addresses to https://

Also, you will probably get warning about mixed content – you have hard coded “http://…” in your site somewhere. Load your site, hit F12 key and check all the warning messages there, fix them – you can either hardcode to or shorten the link to //

then you get the big green SSL in the address bar beside your site! Yay! ^_^ joygasm!

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