Google is an Internet advertising company that decided to make a web browser.

Google is an Internet advertising company that decided to make a web browser. Why did they make a web browser? For exactly the same reasons as I have not and never will use it. They have unrivalled potential to snoop on everything you do with your personal devices. 10 years later, after useful projects like Google Glass were shelved due to public perceptions about privacy concerns – WTF?!?!? Eat your monosodium glutamate & vaccinate your children you cranks, and for the love of all that is holy stop using the biggest advertising company on the planet’s web browser if you do not like being spied on!

Here’s an interesting article published this weekend by the (your friends on the Internet, they are selflessly trying to look after your rights children) Don’t Play in Google’s Privacy Sandbox. This is 1984 doublespeak Google are trying to shove down people’s throats. Google wants to “enhance privacy on the web” and states that “large scale blocking of cookies undermine people’s privacy” – oh, and do not forget it also undermines Google’s primary bottom line. Laugh? It’s too late, nobody listens. Will you buy a Huawei phone? Oh, but the Chinese might be spying on us – I am sure they do not give a shite about you (once you are not vocally pro Hong Kong/Taiwan[you lost fuckers]/Tibet), I am 100% more interested in what the globe’s single unchecked superpower is going to do with our data. These guys appear to kill a lot more civilians then actual “combatants” in their unprovoked massacres around the globe – oh and they do not report civilian death tolls so we have no figures on that either. Maybe if all those “combatants” and civilians carried enemy personal spy devices, I mean eh, Huawei phones we could get some analytics on those death tolls..   …OK, I have definitely ranted off topic here, lol ^_^