One-Click Translate Page Firefox Add-On

New add-on released, awaiting review from Mozilla.

Please leave bug reports in the comments.

I made this AddOn as a big shortcut to my usual way of translating a whole webpage with google translate, by simply clicking a button once.

I found myself quite repetitively

  • clicking on to the URL bar
  • copying a webpage’s address
  • typing “”
  • waiting for the page to load
  • hitting enter
  • pasting in the URL from the clipboard
  • then clicking on the link in the translated box
  • then waiting for the translated page to load

This AddOn adds a button that bypasses all that and directly loads the translated page in 1 page load.


This AddOn is a shortcut to Google’s Translate, all bug reports/ issues to do with Google Translate should be directed to them.

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