Easy Root Doogee X5 (3G version)


This works on the Doogee X5 running Android 5.1; the 3G version, i.e. not the X5 Pro (4G version).

This method does not involve any risky flashing of unknown binary blobs. It uses the stock recovery and an update zip file to install root and SuperSU.

There are of course risks when installing anything downloaded randomly from the Internet. I can only say that it works on my particular device and software version. From Settings >> About phone, the build number reads: DOOGEE-X5-B-Android5.1-2016.03.18

The Zip Update

Zip update is available from (https://yadi.sk/d/y73qeZZTnikUY), this is written by some Russian and I do not have a link to the original Russian forum it appeared from. As it is annoying to download (you have to sign up to Yandex) I will leave a backup copy here on this site as well, but please do not hotlink to it or I will take it down: update-ROOT-DOOGEE_X5.zip

I have read through and checked this zip file’s updater-script, and checked it’s scatter entries against the scatter file from the doogee.cc official ROM package, the -B version released on 2016.03.18. I can only vouch for this version.

Disclaimer: I do not take any responsibility for what you do with your device. I do not guarantee *anything* I say here will not irreparably damage your phone or cause a loss of data. This post and software is provided as is. Use the information and software here AT YOUR OWN RISK.

The Method

  1. Put the zip file onto your sdcard
  2. Boot into recovery and install

Booting into Recovery

Booting into recovery on this device is not as straight forward as any other phone I have encountered.

  1. Go into Settings >> Developer Options, and turn on OEM Unlocking and USB Debugging
  2. Power off phone
  3. Hold PWR & Vol+ buttons until the boot menu appears
  4. Use Vol+ to select recovery mode, and Vol- to enter.
  5. The Android droid appears with a message saying no command given or something
  6. Press VOL+ and PWR buttons at the same time repeatedly until you get into recovery mode

Now using the volume buttons navigate to “apply update from sdcard” and use PWR to enter. Search for the zip and apply the update. Reboot device normally. You now have root ^_^


I like this method because you do not have to use that damn dodgy SP Flash Tool. Also, you do not have to worry about getting all the correct drivers working for each different mode on your phone. In fact, no drivers or Windows computer required at all!



7 thoughts on “Easy Root Doogee X5 (3G version)

  1. Just tested it on one of my old X5. It’s even more easy. Just Settings-> Tablet info -> Update -> Menu local update. Choose file and chose update.

  2. Hi. After a lot of difficulty, I got to the point in Recovery where I can select “update from SD card”, but the file does not appear in the list. Should it already be unzipped, or why is the phone not seeing the zip file? It is in root of the SD card. Checked & rechecked. [email protected]

    1. Did you rename the file to “update.zip”?
      Also, another user had success by updating through settings. Never tried that myself though.

  3. Oops! Just reading my original article, i think i forgot to mention that step!

    1. Here is a curious thing. There is an SD card in and the phone stores data there and I can search it. When I try to update via Settings, I am told there is no SD card installed. There is no SD card,Please insert sdcard then download (sic).

      1. weird alright. is your version of android the same, or was there an update?

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