pretty gay shit going on “The POLICE (Civil servants) were ordered to ATTACK the Civilians in my city this morning during the completely peaceful and very well organised protest and sit in that has been going on for a week now in the main Squares of every major city in Spain. We are fine and…


New World Order -OK Maybe?

i’m beginning to think the unthinkable. that maybe we need a single world government to regain control of the world economy. individual state governments have lost/are losing control like they used to have before the globalisation of businesses. raising and lowering interest rates at a national level have a much subtler affect than they used…

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Remember The Lisbon Treaty?

I’d almost forgotten the Lisbon Referendum of 2009 until this article in the Irish Times today An interesting read in it’s own right, but the particularly resonating paragraph follows this one. Keep in mind that this is an unelected EU commission/comittee that have legislative power over the entire EU. One of my major complaints about…

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Software Patents

Great video against software patentability funded by the fsfIt gives a nice bit of history and background. Link is here: