i need to blog :-(

right, it appears i’m one of these saddos that just can’t keep their yappin fingers shut. random blurts on facebook don’t seem t do it for me. i need t read over de faggotry i’ve been spurting, and shit seems t disappear into de murk on facebook without a proper history. why? i dunno why, maybe coz noone else will read over it, but either way i need the catharsis.

so, ros enters de world of actual, real-life blogging, something i’ve been enthusiastically condemning for years, -maybe i was over-compensating, who was to know i was just sitting in the closet. truth be told i’ve been moonlighting for years in one guise or another. bebo – b.log e.arly b.log o.ften, random forums all over de gaf, an inexorable torrent of mass emails, 4chan -where i’ve actually started using a moniker on possibily the most popular ANONYMOUS posting site, in fact i’ve a string of websites strewn about the internet trying t make some random point that occurred t me for a few instants, and was as quickly forgotten as the urls.

my arm hurts, will i ever be back here?

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