Hypnosis for Beginners

I wrote a tiny website many moons ago and never got back to it at isntthat.greatnow.com. Mainly I was hacking away the ugly ads that are injected into the free website’s page, but there was one gem of info, and I think it belongs here so that I will maintain it. The following is copypasta from my site:

Hypnotism: Some Cheap Parlour Tricks!

I recently came across some writings by hypnotherapist Dylan Morgan, in his book “Hypnosis for Beginners”. You will be amazed, as I was and the people I tried these on. Instant gratification guaranteed! I have only read the first couple of pages, but already I’ve had results with making peoples hands close together, index finger moving on it’s own, involuntary swaying of entire body with the feeling of something happening they did not themselves will, indeed I tried these on myself (by myself) and found I was equally affected!
Yes! Come one, come all. Hypnotise yourself in the comfort of your own home. Anyhow, give these a try:

1) Here’s a direct link to the examples I’m referring to
2) Here’s the author’s site
3) “Hypnosis for Beginner’s” in handy PDF format

Note his usage policy (or ethics as he calls it), which I couldn’t agree more with, being a firm believer in the hacker ethic, and especially free software (see SourceForge and GNU).


I never actually read any more of this book, but it was shockingly easy to hypnotise people, just make sure they are not drunk or it will not work.

P.S. I was just checking my hyperlinks there and it turns out that, like the original links, the author Dylan Morgan is dead. Links updated to a family maintained tribute site.

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