This Hexeosis person/people, whoever he/she/they/it are anyhow, they be amazing. The gifs are my favourite

[Edit: 2015-03-17] Added some new fav gifs.

Crazy dual kaleidoscope by Hexeosis. Do not you wish you had eyes?
Crazious Dual Hexeosis Kaleidoscope. Snagged from https://ello.co/hexeosis/post/5e18S6ID9h9mJ7v0jY4xQg
Hexeosis gif. Looks like sunlight to me.
Looks like Hexeosis sunlight to me. Snagged from https://ello.co/hexeosis/post/4cTC0G1vnfyjIiKhsJbekA
Crazious Corridorreos
Crazious Corridorreos

Hungry for more? Check Hexeosis’ profiles out heres: (https://ello.co/hexeosis) or (http://hexeosis.tumblr.com/)

Or there is a best of at (http://www.studiomoh.com/fun/tumblrbestof/?tumblr=hexeosis)

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