I don’t like pirated software, but my hand was forced.

I don’t like pirated software, but my hand was forced. My motherboard fried and had to be replaced, pain. Reinstalled everything hardware and software, pain pain. Windows activation? Ah yeah go ahead …Error: multiple installations limit detected. Click to activate by phone, leads to blank page. Let’s try this a different way, blank page blank page blank page. Lets try microshit.com, “click on link to activate by phone blah blah blah” that’s same blank page, PAIN PAIN PAIN. Google and find activation telephone number, go through automated system several times, asking for installation ID, I am trying every number I have. Try every possible route on the automated system and all numbers. PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN! I have exhausted every possible route I can think of for getting my genuine copy of windows activated, bar going down to Sandyford and harassing bemused IT workers about it. I am hardly going to pay for another product key of my official, real, paid-for copy of windows.

….fuck this. Google. Find “remove WAT”. Run and reboot. 2 minutes work, pleasure. Fuck you software protection.

Epilogue: Why pay if I have to use crack to get running?

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