Samsung Code to Delete dumpstate/logcat

Running out of precious “internal” memory on a Samsung phone? This may help slightly: the Samsung code to get to “Delete dumpstate/logcat” is


What does “Delete dumpstate/logcat” do? It does what it says, it deletes dumpstates (coredumps from software crashes I assume), and deletes logs (informational/error event logs), both of which are not much use to the typical android user. I probably wouldn’t mess around with anything else in there though.

The first time I used it it freed up a nice chunk of system storage. Doesn’t do much at all now when I run it.

4 thoughts on “Samsung Code to Delete dumpstate/logcat

  1. Very unfortunately, that seems outdated as of now : I tried the code and only got an error message

  2. I keep getting the error. I have a Gobii phone and I can’t access the secret menu to clear the dumpstate

    1. This code is for Samsung phones (and not all Samsung models). It will not work on you Gobii device.

      This deletes log files in /data/log on your device. If you are not on a Samsung phone you would probably need a rooted device in order to have access to that file partition. Then, you could either manually delete or use an app such as SD Maid to recover some free space on your device.

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