US Drones “Hacked” By Iraqi Insuregents

Pretty amazing what the US military counts as “hacking”. OK I think a lot of people know that what the media calls hacking is actually “cracking” -circumventing security systems. The US military it would seem have another view entirely. A method one could use to “hack” the military drones is to tune in a digital set top box to the unencrypted omni-directional signal that the drones blast out when in use. It’s as much hacking as watching ITV Digital on Freeview. Anyone else a little shocked? The mind boggles! This reminds me of the case against that autistic guy who “hacked” into the pentagon looking for evidence of UFO cover ups. He was able to browse around their open, unsecured network shares (filled with sensitive documents) with zero technical knowledge. They’ve been trying to have him imprisoned for “breaking into the system”, obviously the lawyers are having a field day.

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