Taking Apart a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 800

I got some beer or cider under a couple of keys on this keyboard. seems like a lot of screws to open it, i count 13, seems excessive. I googled, as opening these things can get tricky, but couldn’t find any guides, hence this post, so i’ll let ya know if ya need to take em all out.

too many :-/ and they are all very slightly different lengths, so don’t mix em up.

OK, so far I’ve had to take *every* screw out including the 2 tiny ones in the battery bay, pretty annoying. but guess what? IT STILL WONT OPEN. Yes there is yet another screw hidden behind the health warning sticker. it came out easily enough though.

It comes apart with a small amount of prying into top and bottom halves. the bottom half contains all the electronics, and the top half all the mechanical parts of the keys. The mechanical keys were getting stuck so i soaked the upper half in warm soapy water then rinsed off with some more warm water. and left to dry. the bottom half seemed OK, there was some residue in what looked like a little run off area in the design which i wiped off with a warm soapy towel. by all means use something like a pure alcohol cleaner if ya have it.

I’ll let update this if anything goes wrong after it dries and I put it back together.

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