Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ V2 (RND4000)

Just bought one of these for €200. It’s a compromise on price performance. I wanted 1 gigabit read/write, but would have to shell out a lot more to approach these figures. The unit looks good. As you may have read in other reviews the drive bays are way too accessible and easy to take out. The drive comes bundled with power cables and a CAT5 cable. Why is this gigabit ethernet unit not bundled with at least a CAT5e cable? Just installed a 3TB drive in the unit. Powered it up and was pleased to see it was updating it’s own firmware automatically. Had to quickly install Radar Utility as the NAS was giving me 10 minutes until assumedly it would do a default configure on the drive/system. The choices were set up XRAID2 or some regular RAID system. I’ll be buying my disks one at a time so I’m going to try out their XRAID sytem I’ve been reading about. Dissappointed to note there is no FTPS option, only vanilla unsecure FTP sever available. [Explicit FTPS available, be careful not to use plain FTP by accident if you wish your password to be secure.] Speedtests to come… folder -quick write test coming in at a lowly 25MB/s to write to NAS thru SMB, 4GB folder of videos files. -rough read test comin in at 40MB/s, same folder of file. caching may have occurred. -write 1GB file 39/MB/s -read 1GB file 42MB/s looks like caching again maybe. Tried folder write again, now writing at ~40MB/s, definitely caching occurring. Copying large 11GB file to NAS 32MB/s. Something strange occurring. Tried connecting direct using only CAT6 and staic IPs and began copying 11GB file. was getting less than through my shitty UPC router. Came in around 30MB/s, definitely less than though router anyhow. ================================================= OK, several days just passed there. got locked out of web control for NAS kept saying “Device is Offline”, reinstalled OS, did factory reset, finally was sayin corrupt root. after much searching found that my Seagate drive ST3000DM001 had firmware CC4C. In the readynas hardware compatability list it was recommended to upgrade to CC4H. -and fuck seagate for being so awkward in the update, but that’s another story, just make sure you have a bog standard pc hanging around if ya wanna upgrade seagate firmware, with an intel chip, working optical drive, no raid array, and on my annoying set up i basically had to unplug everything to disconnect the PCs own hard drives, or else the upgrade utility would mercilessly try and upgrade every HD it came across. i had to do this about 3 times in the end, was getting pretty pissed off. finally got firmware -> CC4H. still getting “Device is Offline” AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! next factory restore -> err: partitioning failed / corrupt root hooked the drive back up to PC (3rd time disassembling PC :-/) tried deleting any partitions on HD -> nothing found motherboard cannot read 3TB drives, created new empty partition windows prompts for MBR or GPT, do some interesting reading and go for GPT (Guid Partitioning Table). Discover some interesting shit about these new >2TB drives, they’re all secretly aligning on 4k bytes instead of 512. can cause double write if misaligned blocks! does this explain my slow write speed in initial testing? put HD back in NAS, left to test drive overnight -> err: could not mount root RAID d / corrupt root factory reset -> err: partitioning failed OS reinstall -> auto does factory reset >> test disks >> installs FW >> installs X-RAID!! >> creates volume!! >> does normal boot :-) did a quick test there with 11GB file, writing at 40MB/s thru router no problems. reading at 42MB/s. top speed of the routers switch was measured at 50MB/s with iperf. May have to invest in switch if i can justify the expense, will need to do some more testing direct thru cable and when i get more HDs installed in the NAS. Pretty bumpy ride so far, i bought the NAS so i wouldn’t have the bumpy ride and expense of building my own NAS. The joys of IT eh? It’s always a learning experience.

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  1. Sounds like a pain. I'm more interested in what the NAS can do. I.e. I want SABnzbd and a torrent client on it. €200 + the cost of the drive? It's certainly fast enough. I'll only ever use wireless. *maybe* there could be two people connecting, but processor enough for unraring and streaming together would be my requirement.

  2. interesting. you want a torrent box basically. i'll check that out if i get the time. i have to set it up for my own needs first, i'll be using mainly for system backups and access to media files from out and about outside my house.

  3. oh usenet as well, didn't read properly. don't use that myself, i know there's issue with mutliple log ons with that though isn't there? so single log on would make sense i guess.

  4. Depends on the type of account. Unlimited accounts only allow one IP to connect at a time but payg accounts don't care.

  5. Readynas really is a pain. finally got around to setting up FTPS for WAN access. took a long time! really is a pain to work with, had to reboot once or twice after each single change to it&#39;s filesystem or else everything would go haywire, very difficult to troubleshoot due to intermittent nature of symptoms.<br /><br />After about 5 hours I got explicit ftps working on filezilla and my

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