Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ V2 (RND4000)

Just bought one of these for €200. It’s a compromise on price performance. I wanted 1 gigabit read/write, but would have to shell out a lot more to approach these figures. The unit looks good. As you may have read in other reviews the drive bays are way too accessible and easy to take out.…

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Ubuntu 10 (Lucid Lynx) Linux Post-Install Set Up Tips

***just found this post in my drafts folder on blogger, a little out of date at this point as i wrote it at least 1.5 years ago*** 1) don’t use 64-bit unless you have more than 3.5 GB of RAM installed. more trouble than it’s worth. 2) to change minimize, maximize, close window buttons from…

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I’m back with UPC!

O joy of joys! In the last 10.5 months I’ve had to suffer with a data connection ranging from 40k thru my nokia phone with bad drivers, to ADSL on a 2Mb connection that at best connected at 1800kbps and was completely intermittant.But finally I’m back with UPC!!! check it: Prepare urself UPC, acceptable usage…

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Just got a Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 !!

Just received this by courier! Fantastic, it’s huge! Right hand side is level with a UK / IRL size electricity plug.<p>right hand side </p>

Seemingly Impossible Broadband Connection.

the great mcmonkeys1 is now working tech support for an ISP. i came accross a customer with an interesting ADSL modem. this customer’s telephone line is really shit, he’s in dire need of an engineer to fix his cabling to the house. the fault is pretty bad, there is alien current / voltage on this…

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3D Cinema

I saw Martin Scorcese’s Hugo in 3D in the cinema last night. Everytime I go to the cinema in the last while I’m dissapointed by the small screens, often lack of surround sound, and appalling shutter speeds. The 3D was good, and the movie was not too gimmicky about it, but did use it. BUT!…

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