Hello Firefox 57 (Quantum) !!! … well this is bullshit.

Not one add-on working. Fucking pathetic Mozilla. These guys really are hopeless. As an add-on developer I have suffered first hand at their underhanded, ill-thought tactics. There is a superior attitude among Mozilla developers, that everybody else must change to suit them. Just look at the history of gmail.com support on Firefox for Android. I have also received personal messages from Mozilla staff pretending to be users asking me to upgrade my AddOns to WebExtensions, or giving me bad reviews. These guys are assholes.

Source code fork anybody?

4 thoughts on “Hello Firefox 57 (Quantum) !!! … well this is bullshit.

  1. I have installed Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release v52). I had to remove and reinstall a couple of AddOns, but they are all back for now. Extended support ends next year sometime. Hopefully someone gets a fork up and running by then.

  2. My thoughts exactly. (Found your rant by googling: fucking bullshit quantum firefox assholes) Sharing to twitter has been nullified – because, social media sharing is SO yesterday. I’ve searched for a fix but found no help – and of course, no replies to my emails.

  3. Firefox and Chrome ‘jumped the shark’ one time too many over a year ago. I ditched them both from my XP Pro, and upon install of MX Linux on my secondary HDD, the same fate awaits. I’ve moved on to Waterfox, Ungoogled Chrome, Slimjet, Mypal, and Basilisk. THE only thing that kept me with Firefox was the add-ons, and all can see just where Mozilla Mothership is heading with them. Time to euthanize both browsers I say. Them that continue to hang on are like battered wives that continue to return to hubby for more abuse.

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