Google Updates Search Algorithm / SEO Rules

OK, so it was supposed to happen on 21st April 2015 and now it appears it is occurring. Google has made a major update to it’s search algorithm. The new changes were purported to be that “google is shifting the way it pageranks sites. The new search algorithm will move away from a backlinks based ranking (external linking), to a ‘factually correct’ information algorithm.” Now before I go off on one about google seting itself up to decide what is a fact in the new digital age, I mean, who the hell exactly, without fuzziness, decides what is factually correct? Scientologists maybe? I will remember to mention why I started writing this:

I just googled “nihilism” (to refresh my memory you jerks!) and, to my surprise, when I previously would type a concept into google, wikipedia would automatically come up first in the search page listings. Aaaah… Top of the page. ^_^ We <3 wikipedia. …but tonight it’s second!! WHA!?!?!?! Yeah that’s right baby, there’s a new sheriff in town ( coming to us from the University of Tennessee’s online Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Surely a third level college should have the latest scoop? It appears that it is peer reviewed by Philosophy academics. Maybe this could be more factually correct than the global, anonymously edited, beggar’s bowl funded Only time will tell, but WHO PEER REVIEWS GOOGLE? Why have we let this global advertising company take over the entire Internet? They control site content by designating SEO rules. If you want to be found or find things through them (which means 100% everybody on the planet, don’t you lie about using duckduckgo or startpage or {if you are a complete fucking moron} Microsoft’s Bing! YaY! BinG!) you will abide by their rules to find or be found.

Anyhow, I will come back to this article when I am more informed on how google wants us to conform.

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P.S. Jokes Google! I still love you, there’s no-one else, I swear!

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