Doogee Leo DG280 root

After a lot of searching and trying various things I found an incredibly easy method to root my new Doogoo Leo DG280 phone. It is an Android 5.0 r15 version by the way.

Simply follow the link ( and download & run the APK file. Simple as. Do not be frightened by the Chinese website, look at the pictures beside the links. Also the android app is in English for me, so very easy to follow along, 1, 2, 3, rooted!

6 thoughts on “Doogee Leo DG280 root

  1. What can we do after rooting our phone.. I mean what are the benefits that we can get from this rooting activity

  2. Hi Amir,

    The basic answer to that is that it gives you administrator access to your phones operating system, in the exact same way as you would have by logging into your desktop computer as an administrator rather than a normal user. Handle with care!

    In this mode we can have full access to parts of the phone’s operating system that are usually restricted to a normal user. On android this means we can install apps that require the phone to be rooted. For example, with these apps we can have access to /system folder and mount as writeable, or install a firewall app that uses linux/android’s iptables.

    If you want more specific information google is your friend, but here is an article from lifehacker for some good examples (

    But I must stress that it’s not for everybody!!! You can seriously mess up your phone if you do not know what you are doing, for example, accidentally uninstalling critical android apps rendering your phone unbootable.

    Happy rooting!

    1. Why not? And, no offence, but why should I care? Maybe give details if you’re bothered enough to post.

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