Doogee Leo DG280 root

After a lot of searching and trying various things I found an incredibly easy method to root my new Doogoo Leo DG280 phone. It is an Android 5.0 r15 version by the way. Simply follow the link ( and download & run the APK file. Simple as. Do not be frightened by the Chinese website,…

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Disassemble Viewsonic VG2436vm-LED

I had a quick search online and there does not seem to be a guide for this so I will document my disassembly of my Viewsonic VG2436vm-LED 24″ monitor. N.B. *** BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER ***: I just spent a long time part disassembling this and it was not worth the time and effort…

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Crazy-assed Steampunk-looking Wristwatch

Just came across this crazy, steampunk looking watch on deal extreme. Only a tenner with free shipping. Do want! Full link is here (  

Just got a Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 !!

Just received this by courier! Fantastic, it’s huge! Right hand side is level with a UK / IRL size electricity plug.<p>right hand side </p>