UPC password cracking

just did a litttle research there. UPC WPA keys consist of 8 random capital letters.
even with this restriction, that leaves 208,827,064,576 possible combinations (26^8),
that's a wordlist of 208GB using ASCII encoding.

using aircrack-ng it would take my new system, which is checking roughly 3,000
keys a second, 2.2 years to go thru every possible combination. i think i might take
a tea break while my PC is busy.

now if someone could port aircrack to use my GT200 GPU… ;-)


6 thoughts on “UPC password cracking

  1. !!! it exists!!!<br /><a href="http://www.elcomsoft.com/edpr.html&quot; rel="nofollow">ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery</a><br />Has support for GPU Acceleration, and WPA1/2 cracking, amongst other password cracking support.<br /><br />Have a trial version, cracking at 10,500 keys a second. Does not seem to be using much CPU, roughly 1-core. Assume the rest is GPU.<br /><br />Trial version

  2. UPDATE: ElcomSoft estimates 236 days to crack UPC passwords on same PC, but using GPU. My rough guestimate was 229 days. Get a fucking rack of industrial GPUs and ya might make it worth ur while -although then it&#39;s weighing up electricity bills vs broadband bills.

  3. clearly i&#39;m a noob. the pyrit project had got some serious game, runs using opencl, and fuck fast. they pre-compute half the handshakes -allegedly this takes 7 days on a proper pc, this computes a 600gb database for 8 character passwords. using this database and gpu+cpu compute capabilities they report cracking at 3 days!!!<br />sounds fucking awesome (a lot less than 230 days!), but requires

  4. Hi.<br /><br />Any progress on this so far? I have been looking at how to test UPC WPA-PSK security.. and I&#39;d like to find a way round the Blacktrack OS and Reaven.. As I&#39;m not a Linux user.. any suggestion? Aircrack-ng?<br /><br />Thanks a lot,<br />Werot

  5. hi<br /><br />get a linux cd and it&#39;s done in no time…. i tried the old method trial and error but it takes a lifetime … so go to youtube and start cracking

  6. There really is no way around the &quot;trial and error&quot; brute force crack. You must be mistaking WEP for WPA cracking, there is a huge difference! WEP cracking is trivial and this is not the discussion. <br /><br />The quickest way to crack WPA (these days) would appear to be running pyrit on Amazon EC2 GPU. This may cost you money though.<br /><br />If you READ MY POSTS above you would see

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