High Impedence Burnt Out My Soundcard?

So one channel on my laptop’s soundcard has gotten faded volume levels with no bass.I recently got a pair of KRK Rokit 8s but they are hardly the problem if functioning correctly no?I also did start using my AKG K601 headphones a little which have a high impedence @ 120 Ohms. Could this be the…

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Stanton Final Scratch 2

have had the stanton box, timecode records, and a zillion leads sitting in it’s box for nearly 3 years. just got the correct firewire lead for it, *and* ditched trying to get the software that came with it to work. i don’t like using illegal software, but in this case it was actually the only…

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Throat Singing

Must take my didgeridoo <div_prefs>somewhere echoey, or fuck the didge n learn how to throat sing, this guys pretty awesome at it: Alexander Glenfield: Seven styles of Tuvan throat singing. extra links: http://www.myspace.com/alexanderglenfield <div_prefs>

thomann.de delivery!!!

excitement overload as this box appears GOODS! YAY! playtime!gotta fix up my big PC box first tho.. update: installed new system fan and disabled on-board graphics. still givin me jip. unpacked my new AKG 601s. incredibly comfortable so far, nice big cushions, circumaural design covers the ears well. con: lead is well embedded in there,…

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