Random macos bugs and fixes

Right, I’ve had a macbook for a while now, and been using it quite regularly, but it’s only since stopped using Windows completely that all the bugs begin to appear! 😩
This is a list of these weird annoying bugs and their fixes.

  1. BUG!
    Escape key stops working. well, it just stops working everywhere. i got a key event snooping app and i can detect it being pressed and released, but it’s getting filtered out somehow?
    open Activity Monitor app >> kill Siri
  2. BUG!
    Mission Control stops working. you know, the thing where you can see all your open windows, and move things between desktops? There’s a dedicated button for it (F3), or shortcut Control+Up
    open Activity Monitor >> kill Dock
  3. BUG!
    TouchBar / Control Strip stops working. This is why i dont like these things. Mechanical keys dont get software bugs.
    open terminal and run
    sudo pkill TouchBarServer && sudo killall TouchBarServer
    if that doesn’t work you have to restart the macbook.
  4. BUG!
    Laptop goes to sleep when lid closes. OK, this is overly complicated, and i still haven’t found a fix. probably needs some setting reset somewhere. I’ve followed the little Apple checklist and done everything correctly (it was working perfectly previously), using charger, hdmi dongle, external mouse and keyboard connected, etc.
    so when you close the lid you should be able to continue using the macbook with everything connected.
    i connected the macbook to airplay for about 1 minute, when i returned it to the office, closing the lid turns off the external monitor. it’s that simple, and i’ve tried every fix i could find online but nothing works….
    FIX none yet! to be continued…..

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