Virgin Media Speed Test.

It seems like a heck of a long time since I have had a proper wired Internet connection. Here’s a CAT 5e connection straight through two floor/ceilings and a wall to the UPC router Virgin Media Hub. Things are on the upswing again :-)

Dropbox Indexing Maxing out CPU on Windows Boot [UPDATED 22-02-2017]

[Originally Published on: Mar 10, 2016, but since updated to a working permanent fix] Dropbox is amazingly useful. But on windows it occasionally annoys the jayzis out of me of late. Maxing out my CPU and causing explorer and mouse to fight for resources with it. For example after creating several thousand new small files…

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BSPlayer Custom Codec AC3/DTS

How to fix “error loading ac3 audio” BSPlayer on android. Not bad! It has all the features I want, like floating window mode, and the in-app subtitle downloads work really well compared to any other player I have tried. So I was getting a message like “error loading ac3 audio” when trying to play certain…

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When are leap card peak fares?

This information was surprisingly hard to find on my phone, and had to be found by reading a legislative proposal from 2015. Peak hours are 07:45 to 09:30 Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. No thanks necessary.

New “Projects” Site is Active:

My new “projects” website is up at Currently it is dedicated to a Javascript WebGL project I am working on, but even the site itself is a “project”. The site is built using yeoman, which is a fantastic node-based platform for web development. Sites are served locally, and when you save files the browser…

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Easy Root Doogee X5 (3G version)

Preamble This works on the Doogee X5 running Android 5.1; the 3G version, i.e. not the X5 Pro (4G version). This method does not involve any risky flashing of unknown binary blobs. It uses the stock recovery and an update zip file to install root and SuperSU. There are of course risks when installing anything…

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