Firefox v4

Upgraded to Firefox v4 there last night. Seems to want to crash all over the shop. It’s also using
a whopping 400+ MBs of ram. I’d recommend any Firefox users delay their upgrade until next
incremental release, at least (version 4.1?). Other than that, the GUI interface
now resembles Google Chrome. There is also built-in support for roaming browsing, i.e. save
your tabs+history+watever to a server so they open up on whatever machine your using. I also
have a lot of custom settings in “about:config” which have been left unchanged by the
upgrade. That is good =) I haven’t snooped around much apart from that.

One thought on “Firefox v4

  1. firefox v5 came out pretty quickly eh? obviously something really shit about v4? No!<br />they&#39;ve upgraded the CSS3 engine. who gives a fuck you say? not users anyway, apart from the fact that a lot of add-ons don&#39;t work with v5 now.<br />what are you up to mozilla? trying to drive everybody over to chrome?

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