tfjs for M1 very close! hmm, I think I have a working binary. I probably should have contributed it

Unit testing

Spending even a nanosecond chasing down bugs in unit test feels like a raging contradiction. …although if we wrote perfect unit tests, then why couldn’t we write perfect code every time. Still infuriating spending even the slightest nanosecond debugging when writing a test :-D

Dropbox Indexing Maxing out CPU on Windows Boot [UPDATED 22-02-2017]

[Originally Published on: Mar 10, 2016, but since updated to a working permanent fix] Dropbox is amazingly useful. But on windows it occasionally annoys the jayzis out of me of late. Maxing out my CPU and causing explorer and mouse to fight for resources with it. For example after creating several thousand new small files…

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BSPlayer Custom Codec AC3/DTS

How to fix “error loading ac3 audio” BSPlayer on android. Not bad! It has all the features I want, like floating window mode, and the in-app subtitle downloads work really well compared to any other player I have tried. So I was getting a message like “error loading ac3 audio” when trying to play certain…

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CSS @media Queries With Orientation Example

Like the title says. For your reference, an example set of media queries conforming to Bootstrap 3’s width breakpoints. Here is the example. EXAMPLE CODE HERE. Check the code, and play with the width and height of your viewport to see where the queries reach. Notes On The Example This example is mobile first like your…

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Javascript Static Variable / Closure

Still having fun with this mad JS stuff! var alt = (function(){     var hide = false;     return function() { return (hide = !hide); } })(); All you have is functions, but they are made so powerful! “var hide” is an example of an equivalent of a static type variable in C/C++/Java/etc., but it is…

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