Biosphere – Patashnik 2 (2014)

Biosphere – Patashnik 2 (2014) is an interesting album of unreleased tracks and versions of tracks from around the time the original Patashnik was released by Geir Jennsen in 1994.

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Here’s a link to the fully listenable Biosphere – Patashnik 2 album on bandcamp:

Quick Review of Biosphere – Patashnik 2

I am about halfway through the album as I am writing, but so far so good =) It seems like he went for more desolate versions of tracks on the actual release back in 1994. Most of the tracks seem to have more drums compared to the 1994 album also. I’m actually preferring some of these versions! Novelty Waves and The Shield were always favourites on the original album and I am pretty impressed with the versions marked v.1 on this album. Some pretty up-tempo bass drums on a lot of these tracks, I would consider this Ambient Techno for sure rather than plain Ambient.

Round up

Personally, I would love if Geir Jennsen did a similar release except based around the 1997 Substrata album, but all in all awesome stuff here on this release! Happy listening =)

3 thoughts on “Biosphere – Patashnik 2 (2014)

  1. You would prefer a more techno version of Substrata? To me that would diminish the whole point of the album. There’s a drastic eeriness to it that excites me so much. I have a lot of enthusiasm for this album. The sound has a severe sedating effect for me. It transports me to a different world, like taking strong opiates. To me this album is the definition of ambient music.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Not that I would prefer that either of these albums had been brought out originally with a more techno vibe; or changed in any way at all, but I would love to hear a new album of Substrata with all the “outakes” for lack of a better word, and yes maybe more technoey feel or whatever Geir was messing with at the time. Substrata is a fantastic album and I just wish I could get more of it.

      Incidentally you may want to check out Substrata 2 (not as exciting as it sounds). Substrata 2 is a two disc set: disk one is just a remastered version of the original album; disk two is the soundtrack to a 1920s movie Geir Jensson was sponsored/curated to do. The movie was only shown a couple of times and then lost, but Geir has recreated it with his own material and posted it here on vimeo (


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