“C Programming in Linux” by David Haskins. An alternative to “The C Programming Language” by Kernighan and Ritchie

I found this great book for learning C. Lesson 1 is the usual “hello world” console app, but literally the next example dives into using it as a CGI script. It teaches all the usual C console output stuff, but concentrates on web programming with C and apache web server. This is great, as the terminal is a bit boring looking for the uninitiated, and most ppl are used to booting up and instantly firing up the web browser to click aimlessly on social networking sites.

It includes clean code examples, and moves rapidly on to interacting with mysql and creating images on the fly, while still learning about loop structures etc. At 84 pages of breakneck speed learning, I’d love to hear how a novice gets on with this book. I’m a relatively seasoned C/C++ programmer and I’m still getting mileage out of it.

“C Programming in Linux” by David Haskins.

Download pdf & examples (for free!) here: http://bookboon.com/external/computerweekly/it/c-programming-in-linux
(If your not a UK IT student just put “abroad” and “other” in drop downs).

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