Viewsonic VG2436wm-LED

My awesome new Viewsonic VG2436wm-LED monitor (pics pending). Another fantastic gift to myself ;-) Thanks Ros! No problem, anytime Ros. 24″ 1080p, colours look vibrant, contrast ratio is high. Viewing angles

L0UI5 TH3R0UX – //estboro Baptist Church “The mo5t h4ted f4mily in am3rica”

L0UI5 TH3R0UX’s first documentary on the //estboro Baptist Church “The mo5t h4ted f4mily in am3rica”. Apologies for the semi-1337 but I’m attempting to hide the link. Part 2 just aired and is available from the usual sources e.g.

Predator Ultimate Hunter Edition

Nice 2010 50GB blu-ray remaster of the original 1987 arnie classic film. Not to be confused with the 2008 blu-ray version which was the mpeg2s from the DVD upscaled. Available for sale and download now from the usual outlets, e.g. Soft-copy Hard-copy My new wallpaper:! shrank my hi-res caps!

Jason Stackhouse (true blood)

"policemanship ain't just about tackling people, there's …marksmanship, …paramilitary training. I got all that now." just watchin s03e03 now, this show goes from strength to strength, awesome. -=mcmonkeys1=-

Software Patents

Great video against software patentability funded by the fsfIt gives a nice bit of history and background. Link is here: